At BoldWin, our mission is singular and clear:

Create supply side platforms that leave an impact and talk to real users. O&O sites that deliver real values to our partners, while allowing us to focus on what matters, to our direct publishers.

When it comes to quality, innovation and creativity – we never rest. We believe that in today’s world, focus, technology, honesty, experience and an appetite for advancement are the only factors that can really make a difference in the Mobile Video SSP field.

meet our team

Amit Tapiro

As Co-Founder and CEO of BoldWin, Amit uses his extensive experience in Ad Tech business development and media buying to create a new video advertising agenda for publishers and advertisers and change the face of video advertising for the better. He views BoldWin’s role as integral to the image of video advertising practices as a whole.

Nir Macadar
Chief Operations Officer

Nir’s previous work experience in the field of media molded him into the ideal COO BoldWin sought. His proficiency in four languages enables Nir to communicate with media executives around the world, lead BoldWin’s product development, as well as expanding BoldWin’s reach exponentially.

Moshe Goldyan
Chief Technology Officer

Or Bouganim
General Manager

Being the General Manager of BoldWin, Or uses his keen management skills on a daily basis, ensuring that the company’s services reach an impressive number of partners and continue to allow stellar video advertising to reach the masses.

Jacob Nizri
Chairman of the board

One of the online industry’s pioneers, Jacob has been actively involved in the digital media industry since 2002, in both executive and entrepreneurial roles. His experience in digital marketing brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the BoldWin team.

Yaniv Ben Atia
Board Member

A former Microsoft Israel CTO, Yaniv’s passion for people and zest for technology drives him to combine the two and create meaningful work. His cloud computing and software development experience makes Yaniv a veritable asset to the Mobile Video SSP field.

Idan Nizri
Board Member

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