Hub Survey Finds OTT Subscription Fatigue: 66% Dropping Subs

With high-profile OTT services launching in the near future—such as Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and Peacock—how will households cope with the growing demands on their wallet? By dropping subscriptions, says one survey.

Hub Research surveyed 2,000 adults in the U.S. and asked those planning to sign up for new services what they would do with the services they already have. 29% said they would drop current subscriptions immediately, while 37% will keep all their services for the time being, but eventually remove the less watched ones. That means two-thirds will drop services immediately or in the near future. Only 34% plan to add new subs and keep all their existing ones.

Hub finds Disney+ slightly better known than Apple TV+, with nearly 60% knowing about Disney+ but only half knowing Apple TV+. Only a quarter of respondents knew about Peacock and HBO Max. Overall, 24% of respondents planned to sign up for Disney+, but interest was far higher for young people or people with children. For consumers age 16 to 34, 46% say they’ll probably or definitely sign up for Disney+.

The survey also found word-of-mouth recommendations were important for content discovery, especially for online platforms.

This data comes from Hub’s report Conquering Content, a sample of which is available online for free (registration required).