The KPI-Driven Video DSP that Drives Results

Video Campaigns that Matter

Impressions and fill rates are important, but BoldWin's KPI-driven DSP helps advertisers go above and beyond, making a real impact on their audiences. Our holistic solution makes sure brands get mass exposure effectively and broadcast ads that leave a remarkable impression.

It takes a machine to maximize results -so we built it

Combining over 50 years of experience in the ad-tech industry, the BoldWin team has created a top-notch machine and named it Nicole. With advanced RTB abilities, including header bidding and RTD* algorithms, Nicole offers the best tools to run video advertisement and reach desired KPIs.

*real-time decision

The world is progressing; so are we

We know that the marketplace is global and that valuable consumers can be found all over the world. We continue to advance with the evolving field, choosing to focus on strong presences in English-speaking markets, APAC and LATAM. That's where we believe every advertiser should invest right now.

Meet Nicole- Our Proprietary, Results-Driven Technology

Nicole is our state-of-the-art technology. Using BoldWin's machine learning algorithm, Nicole enables powerful integration abilities, runs a fixable and dynamic rules engine, engages in deep audience-based and LookAlike targeting and utilizes million of data points from first and third parties. Nicole provides video marketers with a holistic, KPI-driven solution to reach their audiences, better, faster and more efficiently.

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Reach maximum viewability with Nicole behind your campaigns

A Smart, Designated Dashboard

Focus is a core BoldWin belief. Our smart dashboard was built and customized to support video ad activity that focus on meaningful KPIs for our clients and partners. This way, we can easily monitor and track the results of clients' ad campaigns and pinpoint exactly what areas need refocusing, to achieve the greatest video ad success possible.

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Driving Change in the Video Advertising World

Here's how we do it:

A data and KPI-driven DSP built solely for video ad campaigns -

We provide clients with a hyper-focused product that was built for video first. Our KPI-driven technology was set to reach the KPIs that matter most.

Embracing a Win-Win-Win philosophy

We are committed to treating the assets of our clients and partners as our own to deliver the best campaigns, the best opportunities and the best results.

Enabling 100% transparency

We provide full control and access to ad campaigns so clients can see where the ads are running. We partner with the best and most advanced ad-fraud solutions available to ensure clients' ads run in fraud-free environments.

Building a winning team

Our experienced team is driven to change the landscape of video advertising for the better. We work tirelessly to match technology, security, focus and vision so clients' ads are given optimal exposure to achieve top results.

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