Meet Nicole

The first KPI-driven video DSP for advertisers.

No two campaigns are the same. To create campaigns that matter, you need a little something extra, a unique machine to maximize results. So we built one and named it Nicole.

Nicole uses BoldWin's machine learning algorithm to ensure maximum results in minimum time and at lower costs, based on the following abilities:



Millions of historical data points help optimize campaign goals, while simultaneously analyzing each campaign's specific data to obtain the best possible results. The data shortens the learning curve to expertly and efficiently help expand campaign exposure and reach desired KPIs.


Boldwin's Audience Builder creates user profiles and relevant communities. The audiences which best respond and deliver clients' desired KPIs are used to build Lookalike Audiences and expand the campaign

Rule Engine

Builds flexible rule engines, exclusive to each campaign and each advertiser's vision for the optimization process to maximize the budget


The smart dashboard was built and customized to support video ad activity that focus on meaningful KPIs for our clients and partners.

Real Time Bidding

It's not just about bidding in real time; it's about making the right decisions beforehand.

Header Bidding

At BoldWin, our mission is to use top tech advances to keep ahead of the industry. That's why we developed our own in-house proprietary bidder, which supports header bidding, to rule the video advertising world with real-time bidding solutions. Our tech is constantly updated to support multi-segment optimization, real-time decisions (RTD) and reduced response time. This enables us to integrate directly with the most advanced publishers, ensuring the best campaign-user match, the best UX and the best campaign results for our clients.

Deep Audience-Based Targeting

Supporting the presentation of advertisements to more than 15 deep and different segments and audience profiles, such as age, gender, education level, location, interests and more, allowing our clients to reach the highly-targeted audience that fits their specific campaign needs.

Safety First!

We prioritize the safety of our clients and partners' brands. That's why our technology is integrated with top fraud detection solutions and the most advanced ad quality technology. 100% of our traffic is scanned pre- and post-bid to eliminate fraud so our client's brand is as safe as can be.

Our Player

Our technology is equipped with a flexible and fast player that supports all video formats and devices - HTML5, VAST, VPAID, JS and flv. With BoldWin, viewing content becomes an engaging experience, with minimal errors, improved loading time and a greater CTR.

Serving Ads With Full Control

The 100% transparency and real-time reporting provided to our clients gives them the full control they want with the full support they need.

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